DC/AC Power Systems

IITS also provide Power serices and we have contributed to power conversion technology, and has excecuted hundreds of prestigious projects throughout the Middle, Africa & CIS countries. DC Power Systems and Batteries are the core products we supply at IITS Limited. We offer the highest degree of product quality and reliability in addition to our 24/7 full service support.

IITS Limited ensures that all products are designed and built as truly Rugged AC Power Sources, which can be used in harsh environment Commercial, Industrial, and Military applications.
Robust construction and extremely high reliability are features inherent to our products.

IITS Limited offers and supplies extremely advanced customized solutions for both AC and DC systems from rectifiers, batteries, controllers, inverters. Added-value servicing is provided complying with the highest international certifications conforming to the most known standards in the world.

IITS Limited offers the optimum quality in power rectifiers and DC/DC converters which mainly supplies with the cooperation of different reputable manufacturers of electrical devices.


TMP serves all industries from Automotive, to stationary, traction, military & marine with the best quality products, prices, and services to achieve client satisfaction. We do not produce batteries but rather, partner with companies who are expertise in the production of all kinds of batteries ensuring that the battery range suits a wide range of applications from standby applications, to deep cycle application, in addition to telecom applications having 2V, 6V, and 12V with capacities from 1.2Ah reaching 4,800 Ah.


IITS Limited supplies Generators with the following attributes to meet the striving exigencies of all Telecom operators, such as:
- Low-noise levels
- Ease of maintenance
- Ease of transportation
- Low maintenance intervals
- Well studied sizes
- Low fuel consumption
- High durability / Reliability
- Easy hybrid integration
- Remote monitoring & control
- Extended oil service kit for remote locations
- DC Generators for complete DC sites
- Enhanced alarm reporting
- ETC...

Bearing the above in mind, IITS has moved one step forward in the power generation industry especially for the Telecom business and has gained a vast experience in assessing each and every Telecom operator's needs

Rectifiers & Converters

Our product range includes low/medium/high power rectifiers, SMPS converters and DC-Dc converters. These are used in different applications in the Telecom sector to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another.

UPS & Inverters

IITS Limited provides its end users with uninterrupted and reliable protection against power disturbances. Available in Rack-mount, tower and slim types, IITS Limited Uninterruptible Power Systems include Off-Line, Line-Interactive and On-Line topologies ranging from 250KVA to 800KVA. However, in IITS Limited we give 5 years warranty on our inverters of various KVA's

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