Quality Input

Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited is a progressive company and has put in place a formalized Quality Management system based on the requirement of ISO 9001:2003.

All engineering procurements, fabrications and installations are governed by a project plan that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and any specific standard for particular parts of the works. The quality assurance manual comprises a full set of statements, general instructions, procedures applicable to any service performed by the company. It is also complimented by specific detailed procedures complying with client technical and contractual requirements.

The Quality Management system applies to each of the company's business Units to enhance the operational performance and delivery of product. Although each unit is essentially independent, they operate in a similar manner and with the same quality objective-"to deliver as contractually and as efficiently as can be arranged".

In conjunction with the Quality Management System and to assure the well-being of its employees and sub-contractors, Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited has a Health, Safety and Environmental policy that conforms to international standard.

It is totally committed to the concept of building safety into the design of high technology installations and plants. All projects are carried out in accordance with IITS Limited safety policy. Safety programs are prepared for the work to be achieved on an overall level to ensure a safe design and eliminate hazards as far as possible. This is facilitated by number of documented safety systems that are in place to follow up each project phase in order to demonstrate acceptable health and safety performance and delivery.

Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited is guided by the imperatives of customer satisfact6ion vis-à-vis return sales and business. To this extent, we are committed to quality and integrity in all facets of our business operations and this also applies to our employees.

We keep specifications to clot and our motors: Technology is power, get connect”.

To achieve this goal, only competent and well-trained personnel are employed in our organization workers that are career – driven and members of professional bodies always find space in our company.

Our strength lies in the crop of workers that we have been blessed with regular training via workshops and seminars to improve productivity facilitate attainment of our goals.

The company’s Engineer/Supervisor on site acts as the Quality Assurance Officer He guarantees customer satisfaction by ensuring the following:

  • All materials procured are tested before they are used
  • All quality control  procedures are strictly adhered to
  • All construction works are carried out according to high quality standards and clients specification.
  • All construction work and site are protected as per work safety and health specifications of I.S.O 9000/2000 standards and I.S.O 14000 environmental specifications.
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