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Odor Treatment To Fit Your Application

No matter what city or town you go to in the world, you will never be far from a facility or service that generates disruptive odors. From food processors to waste haulers, nuisance odors are a source of consistent public concern. IITS/VCIEcolo offers solutions to control existing odors and prevent odor generation with our comprehensive product line. We divided our offerings into four general market segments.

Wastewater can be any large scale industrial or municipal process involving odor in liquid phase.

Solid Waste can be any large scale industrial or municipal process dealing with solid material collection, processing or storage. Common problem areas include Waste transfer stations, Landfills and composting operations.

Commercial applications are generally smaller spaces which may have heavy public interest, such as trashrooms, restaurants  and other public areas.

Industrial  applications are usually specialized and intensive sites that can become annoying to neighbors downwind. IITS/VCIEcolo can help find the solution to unique problems.

For products available for a specific industry, please contact us for  your special solution needs.

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