Rectifiers & Converters

IITS also provide Power serices with our designed inverters we have contributed to power conversion technology, and has excecuted hundreds of prestigious projects throughout the Middle, Africa & CIS countries. DC Power Systems and Batteries are the core products we supply at Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited. We offer the highest degree of product quality and reliability in addition to our 24/7 full service support.

Our product range includes low/medium/high power rectifiers, SMPS converters and DC-DC converters. These are used in different applications in the Telecom sector to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another.

UPS & Inverters

Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited provides its end users with uninterrupted and reliable protection against power disturbances. Available in Rack-mount, tower and slim types, IITS Limited Uninterruptible Power Systems include Off-Line, Line-Interactive and On-Line topologies ranging from 250KVA to 800KVA. However, in Ideal Integrated Technology Solutions Limited we give 5 years warranty on our inverters of various KVA's

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