Solar Systems

IITS telecom infrastructure products and services complement our products & services portfolio directed to the telecom industry.

Solar systems are mainly used in remote and unattended areas, where periodic maintenance cannot be easily achieved should any downturns occur; PV Systems have to meet high standards of reliability and economic efficiency. This can only be guaranteed by the use of field-proven quality components to achieve continuous electrical source. Well-designed PV Systems guarantees telecom and other critical equipment to operate in the most severe environments.

IITS solar energy division provides complete solar systems services to its clients, from solar arrays, to power supply systems, batteries, obstruction lights, civil works to Engineering Services etc.. For Telecommunications, oil and gas industries, and other industries that may require these systems and services.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy systems are Solar power based Wind power based systems used in sites where commercial mains is not available in applications such as, signalling, cathodic protection, lighting, switched telephone network, Cellular telephony, wireless local loop, VSAT terminals, Trunked Radio, water pumping, military etc.. or simply for medium scale electricity production.

A range of Solar or Wind generators sizes and technologies are offered, and systems are are designed to power various loads with various and specific geographic requirements. Such systems usually have a high initial investment, that requires low consumption ancillary equipment to be used in the oveall design. The GSM Association, the global trade body for the mobile industry, forecasts that by 2012 up to 50% of new off-grid base stations in the developing world could be powered by renewable or hybrid energy
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